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Step-by-Step guide to use the Optimizer (it's easy!)

The optimizer is a Salesforce tool that is available to you as an Admin in your JobScience org. It's available in both Classic and Lightning version.

Here is how Salesforce describes it: "Salesforce Optimizer analyzes your implementation to determine ways that you can simplify customizations and drive adoption of features."

I recently listened to a JobScience webinar and Ted Elliot (JobScience CEO) said that they recently ran the Optimizer on their internal JobScience instance and were able to find 105 fields (Wow!) that never got used. They hid and/or deleted all of them and no one has complained that they are missing something that they were using. Think of how much cleaner their page layouts are, and how much faster their pages can load.

So, how do you run it? It's super easy. Here are the steps:

1. This may sound obvious, but make sure you’re logged in to the org where you want to run the report.

Also, you may want to verify that your email setting are set up so that you can receive emails. Click here for help with setting up email deliverability. In Setup, Email Delivery should be set to the access level "All Email".

OK... now on to the fun stuff.

2. Click on "Setup" from you JobScience homepage.

3. Type "Optimizer" in the search field in Setup and click on "Optimizer" under Monitoring:

4. Click on the "Run Optimizer" button:

This popup will then show up:

5. Now, go check your email. My report showed up within a couple minutes, but the org I analyzed is small, so it may take longer if you have a large and complex JobScience org.

Here is what the email will look like:

6. Download the report. Special note: You will not be able to use the internal links in the document if you are in preview mode (you need to download it).

The links in the PDF report are critical because they allow you drill into the issues. Here is an example from my report:

Once I clicked "Task" it brought up this page:

7. You did it! Now you just need to get curious and dig into the report.

If you are a nerd like me this report is super cool. Have fun!

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