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Getting the most out of Jobscience Sourcing Center

Sourcing Center will become more and more important for JobScience users over the coming year for three reasons:

  1. It is the best way to search your whole database

  2. JobScience is planning on moving people away from Short Lists to Sourcing Center

  3. Short Lists aren't usable in Lightning

I just learned a couple new things about Sourcing Center that I wanted to share.

First, you need to request Sourcing Center as an update from Jobscience if you don't have it. There is no cost, but you do need to request it.

Second, the filters on the right side of the screen can be customized if you put in a request to JobScience via a case in their community. You can filter on any standard or custom field in your system. As an example, you could have a custom picklist that rates candidates on a 10 point scale, and then you could filter for any score above 7 while looking for Java experience on the resume.

Third, Jobscience parses all of the resume text into a database on a AWS server that allows them to run searches that won't time out like Salesforce does. The search bar at the top of sourcing center is what searches that resume database. It does not search fields. Fields are searched via the filters.

Here is a screenshot that illustrates what I am talking about:

That's all I wanted to share, but I think it might be helpful for teams that are just starting to use the Sourcing Center tool or teams that are considering moving to Lightning soon.

Happy Tuesday!

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