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SourceCon Twin Cities Meetup Recap

By Jonathan Kidder of

I had a fantastic time at our first SourceCon chapter meetup at the Nerdery in Bloomington. There were two speakers at the event, Zachary Engler and Luke Doubler. Unfortunately, due to the weather, I was only able to sit through Luke’s presentation at the end. But, I still wanted to review some key areas which Luke highlighted during his time.

1. What is Talent Sourcing? It’s researching and prospecting for passive leads.

2. Asking the question — why? In order to get good at sourcing, you need to keep asking questions. Never stop learning.

3. Building relationships with Hiring Leaders You can be the BEST sourcer in the world. But, if you don’t have a solid relationship with the hiring manager your applicants will go nowhere.

4. Understanding what you are searching for Learn about the skills you are searching for. You need to become an expert in your niche area. To get started, he strongly recommended checking out GlossaryTech’s extension.

After that Luke went into a “sharing mode” and highlighted several cool tools below:

  • GlossaryTech: Use this tool to defined tech related keywords.

  • SourceHub: great tool to auto-generate Boolean strings.

  • Google Verbatim: Conducting a search for exact search terms.

  • Google Cache: You can see the last time Google reviewed that webpage.

  • Google Anytime: See what recently was published. Good for seeing when a LinkedIn profile was created.

  • Google Voice: Create a phone number that is in the same area code and use this to text message applicants.

  • Google Advanced Search: The old school way to conduct an advanced search on Google.

  • Looking at recently created profiles on LinkedIn

  • Google Jobs: This will become the number job board in 2019. It’s the first thing that pops up in a search.

  • 360 Social Extension: An extension tool that helps to cross-references a profiles social media profiles.

  • A tool to help find corporate email addresses.

  • Email-Checker: Use this tool to ping emails so you can confirm that they are active.

Overall, I had a great time meeting these people — Austin, Landon, Luke, Zach, Paul, Brett, Susan, & many others. I wanted to Thank Madelon for organizing this event. She did a phenomenal job putting everything together in a quick window. I’m definitely, excited to attend the next event when it happens. #TalentSourcingMagic

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