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Salesforce Staffing and Recruiting Lunch & Learn

Yesterday I had the pleasure of moderating a webinar sponsored by Salesforce. We riffed on the history of staffing technology, creating a compelling candidate experience in this tight labor market, where things are going in the future, how to implement/migrate to Salesforce successfully, and everything in between.

It was a blast to interview Greg and Katie and share a demo with the attendees. Thanks to Cody Johnson ☁ for coordinating the effort and Claire Pelton for being an amazing connector.

See below for a quick breakdown of the webinar:

Minutes 4:15 - 18:00

Interview with Greg Symons, President & Founder of Blueprint Advisory. Greg recounts his history in the staffing industry, how his perspective on Salesforce and technology has evolved over time, and the latest trends he is seeing in the industry. Greg always shares a great perspective and good insight every time I talk with him and this is no exception.

Minutes 18:00 - 36:30

Interview with Katie Sung, Salesforce Program Manager at The Bowdoin Group. Katie talks about how her team decided to switch to using Salesforce (from Bullhorn), implementation successes and learning opportunities, the success of setting up a client portal a using Salesforce Experience site, how they have integrated their accounting directly with Salesforce, and much more.

Minutes 36:30 - 58:00

I conducted a demo of Salesforce as an ATS (including using of course). I cover many topics as we interact with Salesforce as an ATS, with a focus on flexibility and being able to bring good business ideas to life with Salesforce.


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