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Top 5 new features for Staffing and Recruiting: Salesforce Winter '21 Release

As someone who works and builds on the #Salesforce platform on a daily basis, new releases are always akin to magic.

You mean to tell me my clients and my team get a bunch of new features that we didn’t have to build?! This is awesome!

As a Salesforce consultant that focuses exclusively on #recruitment and #staffing, here are my top 5 new features that will help staffing and #recruiting teams:

  • Schedule list emails to send at a later date/time - I am SUPER pumped about this. You will use this (or should use this) all the time. Sending emails at the right time of day makes all the difference in open, response, and click through rates for your candidates and even sales contacts.

Click here to learn more:

  • New email template builder - There is now a tool which allows you to easily create dynamic emails directly in the Salesforce interface with images, buttons, html, etc. #Pardot users will also benefit immensely from this update! This is a BIG deal. This will make it a lot easier for the average recruiter or sales person to use #SF (Salesforce) as an outreach and marketing tool. Click below to learn more:

  • Salesforce Anywhere (beta) - #Chatter can help recruiting and sales teams immensely (if it is set up correctly), but it does have some shortcomings. Salesforce Anywhere is the next-gen collaboration and record interaction tool and it looks very cool. I will give a full review once we complete testing in our internal Salesforce instance. Although in beta, we signed up out of pure excitement. You can sign up here: I also listened to an interesting podcast with John Brock ( who is the product manager for Salesforce Anywhere. If you want to learn about Salesforce Anywhere AND get a glimpse of where Salesforce is going in the future, take a few minutes to listen:

  • See more record info in Highlights Panels - It’s the small things in life, amiright? You can now see up to SEVEN points of data when you mouse over a lookup field (recruitment example: Job Order details on an Application).

  • Einstein Search for everyone - This is actually not new, but it is a recent feature release that you should turn on if you haven’t yet. Seriously. There is no downside and the best part? It’s free! We love the fact that we can search for a Candidate and then take immediate action in the search preview window. Try it. You will love it.

Bonus musing - Could we use #Einstein Recommendation Builder as a candidate matching tool? I think yes, but we need to dig into it.

Which updates are you most excited about? Post your thoughts!


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