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Landon Ziemke

Founder and Lead Consultant since 2017

Landon founded Helpstone after many years as a recruiter, salesperson, and consultant. He loves helping people succeed, whether a teammate, a client, or his kids. He is a certified Salesforce admin with a deep background working with Salesforce ATS managed packages such as Jobscience, TargetRecruit, and Talent Rover. Landon loves helping people move past technical and process hurdles.


Landon is married and has 5 kids. He has a lot of fun with his family and loves them dearly. In addition to his professional taxi career (i.e. driving kids to their activities), he loves mountain biking with his two older boys. 


Mitch Carlson

Sr. Consultant since 2018

Mitch is a tactical and fast thinker. He excels at problem solving and building trust with everyone he meets. His background in training, sales, and process design complement and enhance his technical skills as a certified advanced Salesforce admin. Mitch is a great teammate and a one-of-a-kind multifaceted talent! Mitch loves problem solving and helping people. To him, a perfect day of work involves finding and designing a solution for a complex problem for a client.

Mitch loves technology, watching/playing sports and being outside in the sun. He is an avid golfer, and a diehard Minnesota Vikings fan that never misses a game. He has built his own computer and plays a lot of different video games. Mitch relocated to San Diego, CA in 2019 and loves hanging on the beach!

Noelle's Headshot.jpeg

Noelle Jimmink

Accountant & Administrative Assistant since 2018

Noelle is the behind-the-scenes person that keeps all the internal business stuff running smoothly. With her natural talent for getting things organized and attending to details, plus her years of experience in accounting, she is an invaluable member of the Helpstone team.


Noelle loves all things creative, outdoorsy and culinary. From quilting and decorating to biking and bread baking, Noelle has more hobbies than free time. She also loves spending time with her family and friends, and finds nothing more enjoyable than a cup of tea and good company to share it with.


Melissa Lamkin

Sr. Consultant since 2021

Melissa has worn many different hats in the Salesforce ecosystem over the years, including being an awesome admin, a business analyst, a project manager, and a product owner. She is passionate about helping clients get the most out Salesforce. She got her first taste of Salesforce through Marketing Cloud in 2017 and hasn't stopped developing her Salesforce skills since.

When she isn’t working on the Salesforce platform, she enjoys winter sports including skiing and kick-sledding with her husky and hiking and camping in the summer months. She has a passion for dog rescue and has had around 20 foster dogs, more specifically huskies, who she has had the opportunity to find great homes for. She lives in Minnesota with her family and two rescue dogs.

DeFazio Headshot.jpg

Dominick DeFazio

Developer since 2022

Dominick speaks computer and uses this skill to tame Salesforce and build awesome tools that hopefully make everyone's lives easier. He's a wiz at data manipulation, front-end design, and architecture. With deep experience improving staffing workflows and his Salesforce expertise, Dom loves beating down any challenge you can throw at him. 


In his spare time, Dom plays the flute, rock climbs, bikes around NYC, teaches coding classes, hangs out with his girlfriend and many friends (he's very popular), and chases various indie bands around town. Ask him for his long list of fun and approved activities if you're ever bored. 


Brenda Edwards

 Sr. Consultant since 2022

Brenda loves Salesforce! When she began working in Salesforce over a decade ago, she knew it was the career path she would follow. Whether big or small, she has a creative solution to every problem that comes up, and approaches every project with an open mind. Her Salesforce Admin Certification is only part of what makes her so good at her job, as she is always willing to work with a client to give them the best experience for their needs, while also following Salesforce best practices. With Brenda, your org will always be clean and user friendly. Her ability to make customization simplistic for the user is a perfect example of her utilization of creative problem solving skills.

When she isn’t working Brenda enjoys spending time with her daughter, Annabelle, and cat, Honey. Brenda is a bit of a true crime connoisseur, keeping up with current and past cases (if you ever want any youtube or documentary recommendations, go to her).


Micah Ziemke

 Intern since 2022

Micah is a quick thinker, with a love for research, web design, and basically any kind of project that involves data visualization. He mostly works behind the scenes, doing work that the big guys don’t need to do to make everyone's job easier. He loves analyzing an issue and solving it, no matter how many hours of googling it takes. He is currently training to achieve his Salesforce Admin Certification so he can start to tackle some larger projects.


Aside from working, Micah is a full-time college student at the University of Northwestern St. Paul, pursuing a bachelor's degree in Marketing with a Data Analytics minor. He spends his (nonexistent) free days mountain biking, doing musical theater, playing video games, chilling with friends, browsing Japanese sports cars he can’t afford online, and hanging out with his girlfriend.


Kimberly Ryan

 Sr. Project Manager since 2022

Kimberly is wired to pay attention to the details without losing sight of the big picture. She is dedicated and willing to do what it takes to get the job done, no matter how big or small the task may be. Kimberly also loves to ask questions and listen to the needs of others, constantly looking for ways to accomplish great things with technology to make life easier for the user and the client.


Her greatest gift in life is her amazing son. They love to explore the world together whether hiking on foot, paddling the kayak, or driving cross country to see what they can find. They regularly get outdoors with their dog Maggie and do just about anything that sounds fun at the time.

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