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Helpstone is a team of problem solvers and techies who know staffing and recruiting inside and out.

Salesforce as an ATS

Salesforce has a nearly unlimited ability to support unique recruiting models and processes. Your team's one-of-a-kind recruitment process doesn't have to get slammed into the preconceived, bland, homogeneous box that other ATS software requires. With the power of Salesforce and the industry knowledge and expertise of the Helpstone team - the possibilities are endless. 

Whether you're a long-time Salesforce client moving away from your current ATS to Salesforce or setting up Salesforce for the first time, we are the experts at helping your recruiting/staffing firm use Salesforce to its full potential. 

Managed Services

Helpstone isn't just a helpdesk. We get to know your business and your processes. Our aspiration is to be an extension of your IT department and a proactive service provider that works alongside your team collectively as you grow your business.

With managed services and a flat-fee cost model, there aren't any surprise monthly bills or the cost of a full-time dedicated employee. 


Whether you are having us develop your SFaaATS or if you have been on the Salesforce platform for a while, our perfected, stackable services that can be included within your Salesforce environment include:
  • Candidate Portal
  • Job Boards
  • Reference Automation
  • Referral Automation
  • Scorecards
Choose one or choose them all!


Drag-and-drop resumes and LinkedIn resumes into our Parsli app to create and update Salesforce contact records in seconds. Parse in all of the valuable data from a resume, search for skills with native Salesforce search, and view resumes in Salesforce without extra clicks. WOW!

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Marketing Automation

Our consultants can help with everything from a brand-new implementation of Account Engagement to recommending practical improvements for your accounts and activity based on the insights and data we see. 

Let us help optimize your marketing automation and campaign strategies to increase candidate flow and client engagement.
Managed Services

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