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Salesforce Coaching

Not just fixing stuff.

Teaching YOU how to fix stuff.

Project Leadership

Getting the most out of Salesforce.

Automating your recruiting process.

Building important tools for your team.

We get to know your unique situation and make a right-sized, agile plan that addresses both your current frustrations and your long-term goals. 

Holistic Helpdesk

We know your business. Breathe easy, and leave it to us to provide real-time, contextualized help.

We help staffing and recruiting teams build more trust,
communicate better, and move faster


We are a group of techies and puzzle-solvers that love to help people. 

John Arnold

Partner, Celarity

"I've found a true partner in Helpstone that not only gives awesome recommendations but listens to our problems to make sure they fully understand what we are trying to accomplish. They are transparent in their process and are dedicated to providing meaningful solutions, not just completing work."

Client Stories

Nancy Bailey Gamble

President, Hire-Profile

"Landon and his team at Helpstone have helped my recruiting firm tremendously.  We have utilized their expertise with Jobscience to not only improve our data, reporting and functionality in Classic, but they are taking us through the migration to Lightning Experience."

Scott Grausnick

CEO, Harbinger Partners

"Helpstone has helped us move from frustration with Jobscience/Salesforce to excitement and productivity. The system is finally doing what we imagined it could do! We had struggled to get our team to adopt Jobscience, and we had never been able to pull accurate and meaningful metrics out of the system.



User Engagement 

What good is an amazing tool if no one is using it? We help clear the air and address the issues that are holding back your team from getting value from Salesforce. We make Salesforce beautiful and useful. 

Setting up Salesforce as an ATS

Whether you are a long-time Salesforce client moving from your current ATS to Salesforce, or setting up Salesforce for the first time, we are experts at helping your recruiting/staffing firm use Salesforce to its fullest potential.

Salesforce Integrations

Salesforce's superpower is its ability to integrate with almost any other enterprise software on the market. We have the expertise to make this happen, or help fix broken integrations.


Data Cleansing

Doesn't that sound refreshing? We can help you rid your database of duplicate candidates, contacts, and accounts, while establishing intelligent data validation to plug the data holes.

Salesforce Coaching





We know your team already has an internal expert on Salesforce. Whether by choice or by default, someone has picked up the responsibility of customizing the system, and they know a thing or two. We respect that.

Your current Salesforce admin will continue to gain hands on experience with projects, alongside a team that cares and teaches. We will work as partners with them, and you, to make good stuff happen. 



You can’t wait forever for a response.

We get it. That’s why we provide responses and resolutions in minutes, not hours or days. Contact us via phone, text, email, Chatter, Slack, messenger pigeon, or smoke signals. We are here for you! Let's talk. 

You want advice and guidance, not just a quick fix.

You know your business inside and out. You know how to reach your goals. But you also want opinions and guidance. We share recommendations with our clients that are based on years of experience in recruiting efficiency analysis, process improvement methodology, and Salesforce best practices.

You just don’t have time to be the admin for Salesforce.

You are already wearing 17 different hats. Fielding support calls from your team, running reports, training users, and quickly resolving issues are all right in our wheelhouse, so you that you can stay in yours. 

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