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7 Tips to Help You Move to Lightning

The future is now! If you have considered moving your recruiting team from Salesforce Classic to the new Lightning interface, now is the time to make it happen.

I just completed a Lightning migration and here are 7 tips I believe will help you successfully make the move to Lightning:

1. Be clear on your "why"

2. Prepare to spend an appropriate amount of time to make the transition. Don't just "switch it on".

3. Make a comprehensive list of integrations to check for Lightning compatibility

4. Implement a custom domain

5. Replace buttons with Lightning components

6. Roll it out to a pilot group via permission sets

7. Create a way to track issues and "officially" roll it out

Be clear on your "why"

I will write more about each of the tips in subsequent blogs, but let's start with "Be clear on your why".

It's so critical to define why you are moving to Lightning. The reasons for making the move to Lightning will be different for every company, but here are a few compelling reasons to move:

  • The Lightning interface is way better than Classic. It looks better, the search is way easier to use, and everything is more intuitive. The search is Google-ish with predictive results. I use it all the time instead of navigating to my result through multiple clicks.

  • Better status visibility and interaction through visual Kanban board. Kanban boards are cool and fun to use. If you aren't using them you are missing out. Click here to learn more.

There are many more reasons to move to Lightning. This is just a sample (and stuff that I think is cool). It will be different for every team, but the themes of innovation and ease of use are the ones I hear most often.

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